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Diana Fearing


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Diana Fearing is a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist.

Diana Fearing has been utilizing some form of massage since high school. She started with neck rubs on the school bus when returning from marching band outings, continued experimenting on friends through some stressful college times, and finally decided to parlay her talents into helping people full-time.

Since completing professional massage training in 2003, Diana Fearing has worked with children, adults, professional athletes, and seniors to maintain and improve muscle health for a large variety of conditions. Make an appointment and see how you can feel better!

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The office is located at:
940 Haverford Road, Suite 302
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Text & Cell:  610.420.6581
Email: massage@dianafearing.com

Located approximately one block east of Bryn Mawr Hospital. 

Look for Turner Dermatology or The Yang Institute on the sign for the driveway.

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Diana Fearing at Bryn Mawr Integrative Health: 945 Haverford Road, Suite A, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Office: 610.527.8127 | Fax: 610.527.3905 | Cell & Text: 610.420.6581 | massage@dianafearing.com

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